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1/2" wide keys - Alaye Mikayla

Alaye Mikayla 13 - 1/2" Wide Keys (Mikayla - The Goddess Giver of Life)

SKU: 0001

I am the smallest of all Cubajo with Laminate metal keys of 1/2" wide. The Alaye Mikayla Family of Cubajos is the most diversify of the family of the Electric Laminate Bass Cubajo. I have 13 metal laminate keys or the range of 1 complete octave. The metal laminate keys of the Alaye Mikayla Family can be of 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" or 2" in width. The wider the lamellophone or laminate strip keys the gravest the sound. The tuning is arrange in sequency like in the piano (DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI, DO) natural, plus sharp and bemol's for one complete octave of 13 Pitched sound notes. I may be the smallest but I have an exotic full bass sound for my size that will embelished you.

  • Alaye Mikaila (Mikaila The Goddess of Life)

    • 13 Stainless Steel laminate metal keys. This Cubajo can be played with shoulder strap or sitting in a bench or any other position in which the player feel confortable.

    “Your satisfaction in our instruments is music to our ears”

    We at Cubajo LLC will always work with you to bring satisfaction to any concern or discrepancy in our product or process that you may have. Cubajo will accept returns within 14 days of shipping as long as the instrument have not been used. Some exceptions apply:

    • The package should be completely inspected by you upon arrival at your destination.

      • If damages are visible in the package you should contact the carrier immediately.

      • Place a claim with your carrier (keep us abreast of what's happening).

    • Do not disassemble the Cubajo without approval from us within the warranty period – That will render your warranty null. 

    • If dissatisfy with the purchased instrument:

      • There will be a 25% charge or the cost of the instrument re-stocking fee.

      • If you would like to up-grade your purchase to a better Cubajo of greater cost, we will work with you to satisfy your concern or need.

    • Do not attempt to tune your instrument without instructions from us during your warranty. (All instruments are shipped fully tune.)

    • After your warranty ends, if you need us to tune your instrument the cost will be $ 200.00 USD, plus shipping and handling.

    • You will need documentation from us to ship anything to us.

    • In case you have to ship an instrument to us:

      • You should get authorization from

      • Shipping cost is your responsibility.

      • You should insure the shipping of the instrument to us.

      • We are not responsible for the lost of the instrument in transit.

    • If no defects of the instrument are present, we will work with you to bring satisfaction to your issues at hand.

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